Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Here is a card I whipped together this past Monday.  I just love this spellbinders Daisy 2.  The leaves are just great and I enjoy working with the different configurations you can make.  I used a paper that I purchased form Michaels that I just love.  I can't remember the name of it since I only bought 2 sheets but it's real thick, front and back sides are dp and I love the feel of it.  Almost like leather.  Had to make something with it so this is what came out of the thought process.  The verse I just love.  I found it on A Year From Oak Cottage.  I love reading Marie's  blog so check it out.  Marie is an outstanding artist and lots of yummy recipes on her other blog site The English Kitchen.  She's always putting little tidbits of wisdom and poetry into her blog and I just love them all.

The picture is a little yellow since I took it on the desk in my bedroom and my lamp is pinkish so it made it a tint more yellow than it really is.  I sewed around the edge just because I like that shabby look.  Enjoy and have a wonderful week.

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