Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thanksgiving Blessing
Lord, today I am so truly
thankful for so many things.
You have blessed me in so many ways.
I thank You for the wonderful country
I live in...and for all its many heroes.
I thank You Lord for my wonderful family
and friends. They are my greatest blessing.
Thank You Lord for the creatures you have put
on earth for us all. They teach us so much,
unconditional love, loyalty, and understanding.
I ask You Lord that all who suffer with illness
have this day free from pain.
Thank You Lord for all who have tables filled
with food and someone to share it with.
And for those that have no family or food,
Lord, I ask that You comfort them.
I thank You Lord for the time I had with my
loved ones that have gone on to be with You.
They shall always be loved and greatly missed.
Thank You Lord for allowing me to have love
and understanding in my heart.
It is these many blessings that make my
humble life happy and fulfilled.
Thank You Lord…..Amen
~Charlotte Anselmo ~
May your Thanksgiving
be blessed with love and peace.

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